Genuine Undead is an NFT art project released on 13/08/2022. A masterpiece pixel art collection by an anonymous artist who described it as: "24x24 pixel art collection you have never seen. 5995 classic, 3996 cyberpunk & 8 legendaries, over 200 hand drawn traits with a rich variety."

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Genuine Undead are creators, developers, artists, collectors and leaders in the NFT space on a mission to revive Web 3 and make it more Genuine. Come, Let’s Rise and Shine together.


...brought to life by an anon artist

to tell a story

and share a message

connecting the past and the future

within a 24 x 24 grid of pixels

a masterpiece art collection

known as...Genuine Undead




The GU ethos is simply, to be genuine. To participate in the emerging world of Web 3 while promoting and protecting: ethics / honesty / integrity / transparency / community / love for all projects / creativity / lawfulness / strength through communication / decentralisation / philanthropy / building roads, not “roadmaps”


Welcome to a new era in NFTs. Genuine Undead is controlled and operated by the decentralized community. There are 11 creative councils dedicated to generating ideas, creating content and developing applications working together towards the common goal of making Genuine Undead the best NFT project on planet earth.

When the founder handed over the project to the community and reduced royalties from 7.5% to 2.5%, they ignited a Genuine movement. The founder’s only request attached to this gift, was to keep the community safe. Safe from the grifters, scammers and bad actors running amok in this space. Crypto and Web 3 are emerging, unregulated industries where disingenuous activity is far too common. GU is committed to protecting ethics and trust in all corners of our decentralized community. Create, learn, discuss and transact, all while being Genuine in Web 3.

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Genuine Undead is an NFT project focused on art, connection and community.

Genuine Undead was released in August 2022 as a free mint. The artist and developer of the project is anonymous. Shortly after the project was launched, the founder handed over control of the project to the community, unleashing the #UndeadArmy.

Ethereum ERC-721A

OS, Looksrare, X2y2, Gem, Sudo

The founder takes a 2.5% royalty on all sales, plus any fees charged by exchange platforms.


Credit to the Community

Built by you.